Privacy Policy

Matrimony is an online matrimonial portal wherein users can find partners for a life of togetherness. Along with looking for the perfect match for you, we are also obliged towards protecting your privacy.


We collect information that is necessary for us to find a perfect match for you, such as, name, gender, age, height, and the like. We also collect information regarding your profession, income, e mail id or any other contact number, horoscope and the like. This information helps us to understand your requirements and present alliances accordingly. The information that is collected is dealt with utmost care and is shared only by Matrimony portal or its associates. We do every possible thing to keep your information safe online.


We also take special precautions against the misuse of photographs, putting in our best efforts to prevent illegal activities of any sort. However, we are legally bound to share your information with the legal authorities, if the need to do so arises.


Matrimony is open to use by guest browsers anytime they want to. Guest browsers may be visit our matrimonial portal anytime they like and go through advertisements and other features without paying or registering personal information with us.


We may contact our users from time to time, keeping them updated on the latest news and updates and the suitable matches via text messages over the phone or e mail.