Terms and Condition

Welcome to Matrimony-the online matchmaker, helping you in your search for a perfect life partner. Before we proceed in looking for a person who will share your life, we suggest you go through our terms and conditions carefully, in order to understand the way in which we operate. This will ensure our peaceful cooperation in the time to come.


1. In order to work with Matrimony, it is mandatory for a user to enlist themselves as a member of the portal and in the process they are bound by the terms and conditions of the portal. In the first place, anybody registering themselves for marriage must ensure that they have attained legally marriageable age as per the Indian law, that is, 18 years for women and 21 years for men. In agreeing to be a part of Matrimony, you are bound to comply with all the rules and regulations related to Indian Matrimonial laws.


2. You are free to put an end to your membership any time you wish to by informing Matrimony about the reason of your doing so. Matrimony may also dissolve your membership in case of any discrepancy. The same will be, however, notified to you by e mal, or by any other possible means. The user in such a case is not entitled to avail the refund money.


3. Matrimony is meant for personal use and in no way do we endorse any sort of commercial venture, such as putting in links for access to other web portals, matrimonial or otherwise. Likewise, our matrimonial portal also does not entertain membership requests from commercial organizations or business groups. Illegitimate use of the site will lead to a thorough examination and legal move might be made by us if required.


4. The proprietary rights of all the content solely belong to Matrimony. With the exception of the information that is provided on public forum, such as the profile of the registered members or the like, you are not allowed to copy, alter, broadcast, transmit information in any way. In case of breach of this condition, Matrimony holds the right to take the course of action as we see fit.


5. With respect to the content posted on this site by users, Matrimony holds the right to remove any such content that is found to be inappropriate or violating our code of conduct. By sharing information with us, you agree to the condition that we are free to advertise or use the content from time to time in various matrimonial centres. Only the user will solely be held responsible for the content provided by them, and only they will be responsible for all the risk and consequences. The content of a certain member is provided solely by the user and Matrimony does not endorse its authenticity in any way.


6. Matrimony has full authority to take action against offensive members. We are not obliged to oversee conflict between members, but we reserve the right to do so, if and when required.


7. Any legal conflict arising in the site is governed by the law of India and the user has to unconditionally agree that such disputes will be settled in the court of W.B.